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About us

HD-ConceptArchitects has over 25 years of international experience in creating concepts for developers, investors and municipal governments.

Downtown areas are constantly in the spotlight. Thus municipalities realize new projects with private parties,  often multifunctional projects to enliven town and village-centers.

Spatial and functional components belong together in balance.  HD-ConceptArchitects specializes in projects were both spatial economics and architecture/urbanization are important. Keywords here are market conformity, customization and quality.

Projects are developed based on a long international experience and with a great focus on innovation. A well reasoned and feasible plan reflects a realistic and pragmatic view.
A standard approach is never sufficient, the spatial concept will always relate to the demands and the specifics of every situation.

HD-ConceptArchitects provides the following products:

1. Concept Development
In a short time HD-ConceptArchitects creates a plan that will be sound both in terms of functionality as in terms of an urban development concept and this plan will provide you with the information that will enable you to make an estimate.

The development concept includes the new situation and its connections to the existing environment, principles of design, plans and sections and an indication of the m2 to be constructed. In addition a scale model can be made as well as some artist impressions for a first presentation.
In an early stage of project development the client gets expertise of the development of retail, entertainment, office/residential building and socio-cultural functions at the table.

The development concept is made with the client at a very fast pace and in frequent consultation.
Based on the development concept the client can make quick decisions and focus on your further developments.

HD-ConceptArchitects has 25 years experience in the development of concepts and has helped a wide range of developers, Real Estate investors, users and local authorities to make the right choices in the development of town- and village centers, socio-cultural centers and railway-locations .

HD-ConceptArchitects speaks the language of the professionals in real estate and has in the past helped  several developers win development competitions.
The motto is “calculating and designing” to create a balanced functional, spatial and financial development concept.

2. Quick Scan Development concept
In many cases we are also involved in the optimization of existing plans, enabling you to check easily and quickly whether you are on the right track.

HD-ConceptArchitects has 25 years experience in Europe and has worked with many developers on the design of multipurpose projects; from small-scale projects such as a community care center to large-scale urban developments.

The specialty of HD-ConceptArchitects is the design of  projects involving a multifunctional concept. Projects where an optimum relationship is enabled between various functions in a good living environment, with excellent accessibility and safety.

HD-ConceptArchitects designs and thinks from its knowledge of the behavior of the end-user or the inhabitant of the city/town/village. If the locals appreciate the final product then the developer and investor will be satisfied.