General Conditions
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General Delivery and Payment Conditions of Hoogstad Projecten BV, acting under HD-ConceptArchitects.

The following general delivery and payment terms apply to all agreements to proceed to implementation with Hoogstad Projecten BV and to all contracts for the supply of goods and/or services by Hoogstad Projecten BV

Article 1 Definitions in these terms and conditions:
1.1 Client:
the natural or legal person who places an order with Hoogstad Projecten BV or contracts a completion- or supply-agreement with Hoogstad Projecten BV.
1.2 Assignment:
an implementation agreement or an agreement for the supply of goods and/or services.
1.3 Individual advice:
a written or oral advice to an individual company by Hoogstad Projecten BV.
1.4 Project:
a task performed for third parties by Hoogstad Projecten BV.
1.5 Goods;
by Hoogstad Projecten BV offered items, such as books, brochures, posters etc.
1.6 Contractor:
Hoogstad Projecten BV

Article 2: Implementation of the contract
2.1 The execution of a contract will commence at the agreed time by Hoogstad Projecten BV or, if no date is specified, as soon as possible after the signing of the contract.
2.2 The content of the contract is determined by what is agreed or, if not expressly agreed, by the offer made by Hoogstad Projecten BV.
2.3 The execution of the contract by Hoogstad Projecten BV will be in accordance with what has been agreed or, if not expressly agreed, with the offer made by Hoogstad Projecten BV.
2.4 Hoogstad Projecten BV ensures the client that no data, which are known by Hoogstad Projecten BV as a result of the implementation of the contract, will be used for public purposes, unless permission from the client was sought and obtained.

Article 3: Terms of Payment
3.1 Unless otherwise agreed, the rates applicable are those according to the most recent rates / pricelist of Hoogstad Projecten BV.
3.2 Unless otherwise agreed, payment of an invoice sent by Hoogstad Projecten BV to the client must take place within 14 days from the date of invoice.
3.3 After the due date, the statutory interest rate will be charged for which no notice will be required. If no payment takes place the execution of the contract by Hoogstad Projecten BV will be suspended.
3.4 Collection costs: Once Hoogstad Projecten BV has lodged a claim for collection with third parties, all costs, both judicial and extrajudicial (collection), will be borne by the client.

Article 4: Individual advice
4.1 The client can send the order for individual advice (or a design) orally or in writing to Hoogstad Projecten BV. An order will be confirmed to the client in writing by Hoogstad Projecten BV.
4.2 If the time to be spent on the preparation of an individual piece of advice cannot be estimated beforehand the client will be invoiced for the actual time spend.
4.3 Hoogstad Projecten BV may, prior to the commencement of the individual piece of work, ask for an advance of fees.

Article 5: Projects
5.1 Orders for the execution of a project are based on a written quotation by Hoogstad Projecten BV. Hoogstad Projecten BV relies for the submission of the quotation on information provided by the client. Hoogstad Projecten BV assumes that this information from the Client, to the best of their knowledge, contains all information required for the proper execution of the project.
5.2 With the execution of the contract Hoogstad Projecten BV has a performance commitment. Achieving the intended result is not guaranteed by the contractor.
5.3 In consultation between the client and the contractor third parties can be involved with the contract execution.
5.4 The Client accepts that the timing for the execution of the contract may be affected if the parties agree in the interim to alter or extend the approach to, the method of execution or the scope of the contract and/or the resulting work. If such a change affects the cost of the project, Hoogstad Projecten BV will notify the client of these changed costs in writing.
5.5 Unless expressly agreed otherwise, Hoogstad Projecten BV's  project fees will be invoiced in three equal parts, namely one-third upon acceptance and written confirmation of the offer by the client, one third halfway the estimated duration of the project and one third at the project's completion.
5.6 Completion of a project takes place by means of a written final report to the client.

Article 6: Delivery of goods
6.1 Unless otherwise agreed, delivery of goods takes place against a cash payment  or with receipt by Hoogstad Projecten BV of the amount invoiced to the client.

Article 7: Liability
7.1 Hoogstad Projecten BV is not liable for damage caused by or related to the provision of goods and/or services by Hoogstad Projecten BV, its employees and/or other persons who are engaged by or working on behalf of Hoogstad Projecten BV, unless Hoogstad Projecten BV can be charged with intent or gross negligence.
7.2 Hoogstad Projecten BV is held to carry out the agreed delivery of goods and/or services with care.

Article 8: Copyright
8.1 The copyright of (the) by Hoogstad Projecten BV issued designs, drafts, advice, reports and project material rests with Hoogstad Projecten BV, unless another copyright owner for the work is indicated. Without the express written permission of Hoogstad Projecten BV no data, details or  extracts of any material may be published or multiplied in any way.

Article 9: Complaints and disputes
9.1 The Client shall direct complaints concerning the execution of any work, including administrative work, contracted to Hoogstad Projecten BV to Hoogstad Projecten BV. Hoogstad Projecten BV will respond in writing. Disputes are to be handled in the same way. If the dispute is not settled within a reasonable time, the dispute shall be brought before the relevant court in the Netherlands.

Article 10: Application of the general conditions

10.1 These terms and conditions will be maintained for each client and will apply to the exclusion of all client's own general conditions, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
10.2 These terms and conditions form part of the agreements between Hoogstad Projecten BV and its clients.

Article 11: Filing

11.1 These general terms of delivery and payment are filed with the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht dated 17 July 2012